Champion the Cure Challenge 2018

Peg's Legs for a Cure

Our loved one, Peggy Grant, died on June 23, 2018, at the age of 72, after living with multiple myeloma for 10 years.  Before retiring, she worked 10 years for the State of Maine Workers' Compensation Board and before that, as a legal assisant to Attorney Dana Devoe in Bangor.  She chose to retire 5 years ago, shortly after several family members passed away, to spend more time with her sister, Prudy, and to focus on all the good things in her life.

As to her diagnosis, she decided to tell only a few family members and friends.  She was very determined that while she had cancer, it did NOT have her.  She chose to live life to the fullest by spending time with family & friends taking several trips to Cabo; traveling to Oregon to see her BFF; going to Gillette Stadium to see and cheer on the PATS and Tom Brady (her love for Brady could not be measured); going to Fenway to cheer on the Red Sox (she was beyond thrilled when they finally won the World Series the first time); taking vacations at Old Orchard Beach and day trips to Bar Harbor, Camden/Rockland and other places along the coast; and going to various concerts, the last being Lady Gaga in Fenway Park in September 2017.  She checked things off of her bucket list like Cabo and seeing the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.  She was very active in her community and belonged to the Red Hats and the Daughters of Isabella at Holy Family Catholic Church in Old Town.

Peggy had an awesome sense of humor.  She liked teasing and joking with everyone and watching Seinfield, laughing at their shennigans and experiencing a Seinfeld episode almost every day.  She was also a big movie lover and saw every film starring Mark Walhberg, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Robert Deniro to name a few.  She enjoyed a good cocktail, wine, fresh lobster rolls and anything peanutbutter. While cancer slowed her down from time to time, she rebounded as quickly as she could, again, living life to the fullest and enjoying the simple pleasures of life, such as sitting on her deck in the sun and caring and playing with her cat, Miss Brady. 

Despite the worsening of her condition, she remained stoik and never complained of pain.  As her prognosis worsened, the cone of silence regarding her condition was lifted.  Friends were shocked to hear of her condition and flocked to the hospital to spend a bit more time with her.  She made it a point to talk about what was gong on in their lives rather than focus on her prognosis, again focusing on life versus the end of life. Peggy had such a young spirit and gest for life, that everyone she met just loved her. 

She was very appreciative of the wonderful care she received from EMMC Cancer Care.  It is for all these reasons we decided to form a team in her honor.  We hope the contributions made to our team will help find a cure, so no one has to lose their life or a loved one to Cancer.  Until such a cure is found, we hope Peggy's story will inspire others to live with courage and live life to the fullest because while they may have cancer, cancer does NOT have them.  

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We are dedicated to our family, friends, and community who have been touched by cancer. We fight for those who have cancer. We remember those who have lost the battle with cancer. We look forward to a future without cancer.

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CTCC was started in 2010 to help raise money for local cancer research. Since then it has grown into a hugely successful event with more than 9,000 participants. Thank you for helping us make the next CTCC even better. Your support is truly appreciated.

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